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Dr. Raajeev Vijay Hingorani is a Mumbai-based Super-specialist in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endoscopy, currently practising at best gastro clinic in Mira Bhayandar.

Gastronaut Clinic is Best Gastro Clinic in Mira Bhayandar, An ongoing review found that a 74 percent of people suffering from stomach related issues all the time. Side effects like the runs, gas, swelling, and even stomach torment were accounted for by both genders, at all ages, and in all ethnic and racial gatherings. All things considered, just a part experiences a genuine stomach related issues. As per new numbers, around 30 million people are determined to have gastrointestinal (GI) issue every year.

Some Facts & Symptoms of Gastroenterology

The Dilemma

Since the previously mentioned side effects are normal, individuals Best Gastro Clinic in Mira Bhayandar frequently overlook them. They may use over-the-counter prescriptions to deal with their distress and agony. Be that as it may, on the off chance that they have a stomach related issues or infection, those medications won’t treat the basic issue. Just authorized gastroenterologists can recommend the meds they need. Best Gastro Clinic in Mira Bhayandar study in detail about your health and provides you a proper treatment.

Genuine Symptoms

Before any declaration about your health or stomach related issues Best Gastro Clinic in Mira Bhayandar checked the symptoms. You may have the option to disregard or clarify away a gentle stomachache, however when your condition intensifies, you should look for restorative assistance. Here are a couple of the most genuine side effects of Gastro issue by us:

  • Chronic looseness of the bowels
  • Rectal dying
  • Anal spillage of dung
  • Sudden change in solid discharges as well as propensities
  • Light-shaded stool
  • Inability to control or oppose solid discharges
  • Dark-shaded pee
  • Persistent stomach swelling or agony
  • Heartburn (indigestion) that waits after each feast
  • Lack of vitality/torpidity
  • Throat uneasiness or torment
  • Excessive, wild burping or potentially tooting
  • Loss of hunger

Specific Conditions

As sensitive as our gastrointestinal(GI) tracts may be, there are only a handful of disorders that affect them.

Acid Reflux

Brought about by corrosive spewing forth into the throat, acid reflux is a type of heartburn practically we all have encountered. By and by, when we get visit episodes of it for a half year or more, gastroenterologists can help. As a rule, patients are recommended proton siphon inhibitors (PPIs) to treat the issue.

Fiery Bowel Disease (IBD)

Many people experience the ill effects of conditions that cause irritation of the digestive organs. A gathering of scatters that incorporates Crohn’s illness and ulcerative colitis, provocative entrails ailment can cause perilous confusions. Thus, gastroenterologists at the Best Gastro Clinic in Mira Bhayandar will in general treat the condition forcefully. They may recommend anti-toxins to battle the aggravation.

Celiac Disease

An autoimmune disorder that inhibits the body’s ability to process gluten, Celiac disease affects about two million people. Common symptoms include diarrhea, gas, stomach related issues, fatigue, weight loss, and itchy skin rashes. Because there is no cure, the only treatment option is to switch to a gluten-free diet.